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                             Celebrating - Kenneth Lesley Brindley - Past Prov. Senior Grand Warden

Fifty years in Freemasonry Tuesday 17th October 2017 at the Masonic  Hall, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 6DT 

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(l to r. B Phillips, Ken Brindley V.W.Bro. M.Cole & D Phillips   W.Bro. S B Stowe presenting Ken with a Carriage clock and Ken resonding to his toast)

On leaving school Ken Started work as an Apprentice at Kings Heath Engineering Company which was owned by his uncle W.Bro. Fred Shelley. Ken was called up for National Service in 1955 and joined the Royal Air Force, where he became a Junior Technician, also an Armoury Fitter for guns and later specialised in the fitting and maintenance of Ejection Seats.

After his National Service Ken returned to his old job, his uncle Fred was a Founder Member of Weatheroak Lodge No.7214 and Works Director W.Bro Reg Stephens was also a member of the Lodge.

Reg always referred to Ken as the cheeky Apprentice but nevertheless after Ken had attended a Ladies Night he expressed an interest in Freemasonry. It was decides that he would join Weatheroak Lodge, he was proposed by W.Bro. Reg Stephens and seconded by W.Bro. Fred Shelley.  On the 18th April 1967 a ballot took place which proved in favour of  Ken joining the Lodge.


With W.Bro. Reg Stephens in the chair Ken was initiated into the Weatheroak Lodge  17th October 1967, Reg also Passed Ken to the Second Degree  21/11/1967  and  Raised him to the sublime Degree of a Master Mason 19/03/1968.

Ken was a very keen and active Freemason and after having progressed through the various offices of the Lodge Ken was installed as Worshipful Master in 1976. 


It was in 1973 that Ken decided to start his own business as a Consultant. Engineer, he was very successful and continued working until his retirement in 2003.


In 1978 he became joint Preceptor with W.Bro. Eric Gilbert of Francis Davies Lodge which at this time had a joint class between Francis Davies Lodge and Weatheroak.Lodge.

In 1983 Ken formed the Weatheroak Lodge of Instruction to be held after the officers meeting so avoiding the need for another night out. He was joined by W.Bro.Fred Fowler in 1986 and at various times was assisted by W.Bro. Barrie Clatworthy, W.Bro. David Phillips and our current Worshipful Master W.Bro.Alastair Page who is still a Lodge Preceptor.

During this time the Lodge held 2 festivals, and a new Banner dedication. Ken retired as preceptor in 2006 having served for 23 years.


W. Bro.Ken received his first Provincial appointment to  -  Past Prov. Junior Grand Deacon  in 1981, and the following promotions,  Past Prov. Grand Registrar in 1988, Past Prov. Junior Grand Warden in 1994 and Past Prov. Senior Grand Warden in 2005.


On the 19th March 2013 W.Bro.Alan Morris proposed and W.Bro. Alastair Page seconded a proposal that Ken become an Honorary Member of the Lodge, this motion was unamiously approved by the Brethren in recognition of his 46 years of service to Weatheroak Lodge and for his help and guidance to all those Brethren that have joined the Lodge during those 46 years.


Ken’s wife Barbara has supported Ken during his Masonic Career and has always enjoyed attending Lodge Social Functions Lodge, and also helping with Charity fund raising events.


W.Bro. Ken Brindley tonight has been presented with a 50th Year Grand Lodge Certificate for his long and outstanding Masonic Career and the Lodge Members look forward to many more years of his company.

All the members of the Lodge give our grateful thanks and congratulations on a such a well deserved honour

Written by W.Bro. P.O'Shaughnessy Website Administrator