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Sat, 10th October 2020

W.Bro. Ray GoldenNew News Item

Brethren latest message from W.Bro. Ray Golden

Hi Peter 
Sorry to hear about James I hope he makes a full recovery. 
I discharged from the QE late on Wednesday evening then readmitted  early Friday morning with a serious heart condition.  Now awaiting an heart operation. 
Thanks for your text and please give my regards to all.  Ray

Brethren I have replied to Ray to let him know that we are thinking of him and wish that he has a successful operation.

Ray refers to my grandson James who has made a full recovery from Covid 19 and is continuing with his studies at Sheffield University

W.Bro Peter O'Shaughnessy Website Administrator

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Fri, 9th October 2020

New News Item2020 Bond Certificate

Brethren we have finally receives our Bond Certificate From Moseley Masonic Hall Co.Ltd.

2020 Bond Certificate.jpgICan I remind the few Brethren who have not paid their Annual Subscribing to please do so - the Lodges Bank detais can be found on the Summons.

Yours s & F,

W.Bro. Peter O'Shaughnessy Website Administrator


Fri, 18th September 2020

Annual Subscriptions


Brethren although we are not sure when we will have our next Regular Meeting the Lodge Treasurer still has to pay our bills,

I have just paid our annual dues to UGLE and PGL along with rent for our two meetings a Northfield Masonic Hall.

I thank those Brethren who paid their subs on the due date but would also ask the several Brethren who have not yet paid to do so as soon as possible.

I would remind you that all Lodge payments now have to be via online Bacs Transfer -the Lodge bank details can be found on the Installation Summons.

Yours s & f,

Peter Lodge Treasurer

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Fri, 18th September 2020

Installation Meeting at Northfield Masonic Hall




Covid Six.JPG   

         Weatheroak Lodge was held at Northfield Masonic Hall on Tuesday 15th September 2020 with just 6 worshipful Brethren in attendance. With no team from the Province, the Covid-19. 6 as have become known as opened the Lodge.

All of the brethren having multiple tasks to undertake during what was a totally different ceremony, but one which we all did our best to make a memorable occasion for our Worshipful Master.

2020 WM& Wardens.JPG


Photo: W Bro Brian Phillips Centre with W Bro Stephen Stowe newly invested Senior Warden on his left, and W Bro Michael Graham as newly invested Junior Warden.

W Bro Brian was Installed as Worshipful Master by his brother W Bro David Phillips Secretary, and acting Chaplin. He was assisted by W Bro Simon Pearson acting and DC and part time IPM and W Bro Roger Douras acting Inner Guard and also part time IPM, and both Wardens W Bro Stowe JW and W Bro M Graham acting SW. The Installation ceremony was conducted with great attention to social distancing and awareness of the safety of other Brethren. The address to the WM was given by W Bro S Stowe and following the investiture of both Wardens the address to the Wardens was given by W Bro S Pearson. Although there were no other Brethren attending, the address to the Brethren was given by W Bro M Graham.


The Brethren below the office of Warden will be appointed and invested at a future meeting


 Without the presence of Provincial team one of whom would have been asked to present a Grand Lodge certificate to Bro T Moxon, and an almost empty Lodge room the Covid-19, 6 pictured on the left had an enjoyable evening albeit the strangest Installation meeting in my 37 years in Freemasonry. Hopefully the only one.

We look forward to the time when we can all meet as normal, have our ceremonies as we always have done and enjoy a happy convivial festive board afterwards.

We would like to place on record our thanks to W Bro Dave Morris and his fellow directors for allowing us to use the rooms at Northfield, for our emergency meeting and our Installation meeting, making us very welcome and ensuring our safety and  wellbeing at all times.

We felt safe and secure on the 2 occasions we came to Northfield.

Thank you very much

W Bro David Phillips

Secretary Weatheroak Lodge No7214.                                                                                              



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Fri, 18th September 2020

Message from our New WM


A message from our new Worshipful Master who has most certainly got a                                                           

                                                 "Tiger in his Tank"

16th September 2020

 Dear Brethren.

 The morning after the night before !!!

 Many thanks to all the Brethren of this very special Lodge, we have been on a roller coaster ride for many months with all sorts of life distractions, but you know what, we happy band of Masonic Brothers have overcome those problems with enthusiasm, camaraderie and Brotherly love.

 Last night’s Installation meeting was a most unusual and rewarding occasion, W Bro David had worked extremely hard and continuously over many weeks to overcome the Corona 19 virus instructions. With government restrictions also in force we were forced to double up on many of the positions within the Lodge officers, causing a few smiles and the occasional hiccup all done in the very best of taste.

 Last night The Weather oak Lodge No 7214 was reinstated, allowing the Lodge to carry on with all of our masonic duties within the Worcestershire Province. We can now as a Lodge relax slightly having the time to consider carefully how we need to progress with our future meetings. Perhaps for guidance we should start with reference to our Lodge By-laws.

 Many thanks to you Brethren for your very kind words and support over the last few weeks, they are much appreciated. I would like to make a special thank you to the Brethren who are suffering with ongoing health issues, your undivided support for the Lodge is outstanding. Thank you

  Wishing you all a continued safe and happy masonic year. 

Yours sincerely and fraternally

W Bro Brian

Well done Brian I am sure that all the Bretren appreciate you taking up this important Office in difficult times.

W.Bro. Peter O'Shaughnessy  Website Adminstrator

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Wed, 16th September 2020

Installation Meeting observing Covid 19 Regulations

Installation of our Worshipful Master W.Bro. Brian Frank Phillips P.Prov.G.Reg. 15th September 2018 at Northfield Masonic Hall.

Observing very strict Corona Virus regululations where only SIX of our Brethren were permitted to attend our new WM W.Bro. Brian F. Phillips was installed into the Chair of King Solomon last night according to ancient custom.

This meeting was only possible due to the hard work and determination of our Secretary W.Bro.David J. Phillips P.Prov. G.Reg. who had to deal with lots of regulations and sudden changes to these on almost a daily basis and not least that our usual meeting place is closed due to extensive repairs.

It is with gratefull thanks on behalf of the Brethren of the Lodge that I congratulate the magnificnt six Brethren who were privleged to attend our Installation Meeting to ensure when MMH reopens we continue with our planned programme forthe ensuing Masonic year.

David enjoy your drop of amber gold compliments of the Brethren of the Lodge.

W.Bro. Peter O'Shaughnessy Website Administrator.

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Mon, 14th September 2020

Installation Meeting at Northfield Masonic Hall

Installation Meeting 15th September 2020 - 6.30 pm start.

Following the Governments Covid 19 restrictions our Installation Meeting will be held under strict health guidelines and social distancing with only SIX Brethren in attendance.

We have been informed that our usual meeting place Moseley Masonic Hall will not re-open until January due to extensive repairs being carried out. To asist in these works the Lodge has taken out a bond for £3000 to help with these repairs. 

Northfield Masonic Hall have kindly arranged for us to hold our Installation Meeting tomorrow evening, after this meeting the Brethren have decided to wait until MMH is open for business before resuming our Masonic programme.

Brethren we are living in difficult times and arranging this meeting has been extremely difficult and credit goes to our hard working Secretary W. Bro.David Phillips who has not only arranged this but has also kept Brethren informed by Zoom meetings and a considerable amount of emails.

Brethren I would encourage you to join in our Zoom meetings which are quite funny, one Past Master seems to spend more time looking for things on his bedroom floor than he does in front of monitor.

Well done David

Peter O'Shaughnessy Website Administrator

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Sun, 16th August 2020

W.Bro Roy Oswell Past Master

Rest in Peace

Royston Leslie Oswell initiated into Weatheroak Lodge 16th January 1979 and progressed through every Office in the  Lodge and became Worshipful Master in 1987. He formed the Junior Cabinet with the help of Bro. Peter O’Shaughnessy, the Junior Cabinet encouraged young Freemasons to arrange many successful Social Activities for the Brethren and their families.

Roy enjoyed the role of Lodge Organist for eight years until he retired to Louth in Lincolshire with his wife Pat.

W.Bro. David Phillips has contacted his son Andrew who lives in Winchester and is still a member of the Lodge to express the Lodge's sincere condolences. 

Andrews reply - Many thanks for your thoughts.


Roy passed away peacefully in his Nursing home in Louth. Although physically very strong (he had never been in hospital in his life!), he had sadly been deteriorating with dementia for the last few years following the death of our mother Pat.


When he and Pat retired to Lincolnshire he remained very active in Freemasonary, becoming a member of Olive Union Lodge in Horncastle and was a founder member of the Joseph Banks day Lodge. They were well known for their charity work in the area; Roy became President of the Royal British Legion in Horncastle and for some time helped to run the local town hall.


Despite his illness he always remained bright and cheerful and was very much missed in Horncastle when he had to move to residential care.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,


The only photo I have of Roy and Pat is from my Ladies Night December 1995.

W.Bro. Peter O'Shaughnessy Website Administrator