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                           Cheque presentation            Kye and Ethan before and after treatment            

Presentation of the Cheque to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital – Cancer Centre Appeal 5th November 2013 

It was my privilege to accompany the Worshipful Master, David Phillips, his good lady Di and my wife Patricia to present a cheque to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Cancer Centre Appeal.

We were met by a member of the fund raising team Katie West, such a bubbly and enthusiastic young lady, doing such a wonderful job on behalf of the Hospital and she told us how she really enjoyed her job and how good it was to be part of the fund raising team.

Before we made the formal presentation, Katie gave us a tour around the current children’s cancer ward (Cancer Centre), to show how overcrowded the ward was and so many small critically ill children and their parents. Katie also explained how the money that we were donating would help in the re-build of the Cancer Centre making it into a much more modern and larger unit. 

I must say seeing these children and the picture of worry on the faces of their parents was such a humbling and sad experience for the four of us.

However all the staff were incredible, there appeared to be no shortage of Doctors or Nurses on this ward. What was so amazing is how hardworking, cheerful, friendly and welcoming the staff were, Katie introduced us to some of her colleagues who expressed their appreciation for our donation, which in the scheme of things seems quite small (£4646 in total), but it meant such a lot to the them.

There are two Cancer Centres, the ward we visited was for young children up to the age thirteen, the older children are in the new ultra-modern Teenage Cancer Centre, again built with donated funds.

Both of these Centres are classified as “Centres of Excellence” and children come from all parts of the United Kingdom, including Ireland and at times patients from abroad. We were also visited the “A & E” and “Out Patients” departments which were all very busy. It was pleasing see the “New Kidney Unit”, of course we made a donation of £1000 in 2009, when W.Bro. Dean Brough was Worshipful Master.

Katie took us to the beautiful old Chapel inside the Hospital which now it is multi-denominational, it had not been altered since it was built over 151 years ago, a tranquil and peaceful place, but also very sad when you read some of the prayers written by parents of children that had passed away in the Hospital.

We then had the formal presentation, Katie on behalf of the Hospital Team asked us to thank all of those that gave so generously towards the Appeal. 

Although it was at times very upsetting to see so many sick children with Cancer, and other illnesses, we all felt somewhat uplifted by our experience and it was our opinion that the money could not have gone to a better cause, and thought how lucky we are to have such a wonderful facility in our great city.


W. Bro. Ray Golden Lodge Almoner