The early history of the Lodge was very closely connected to Francis Davies Lodge No.5035 and Masefield Lodge No.2034. The petition to form this new Weatheroak Lodge was signed by the Principal Officers of Francis Davies and the Founders included the majority of its members.

10 Founder members have occupied the Chair of Weatheroak Lodge:-

1952 W.Bro.J.H.Lewis P.P.G.W. 1953 W.Bro. A.C.Hodson P.P.G.W.

1954 W.Bro.C.H.Hills P.P.G.W. 1955 W.Bro.L.L’Estrange T.D.P.P.A.G.D.C.

1956 W.Bro.A.J.Lewis 1958 W.Bro.F.C.Shelley P.P.G.W P.M.5035, 7115.

1957 W.Bro.A.M.Lloyd-James P.P.A.G.D.C.

1959 W.Bro.K.G.Palmer P.P.G.W. 1960 W.Bro.E.J.Toy P.P.J.G.W.

1961 W.Bro.H.Leach P.P.G.W.

The other Founder members who did not occupy the Master’s Chair as follows:-

W.Bro.G.Mawson P.G.StdB. W.Bro.A.L.Clyde P.P.G.W.

W.Bro.J.Copeland P.P.G.W W.Bro.B.Walker P.P.G.W.

W.Bro.D.Counsell P.G.D.P.P.G.W. W.Bro.H.Gibbs P.P.A.G.Supt.Wks.

W.Bro.J.Harvey P.P.G.W. W.Bro.J.Mason P.P.G.W.


The Charter to form to form a Weatheroak Lodge was received from the United Grand Lodge of England on 30th July 1952.