The Lodge was consecrated on 17th December 1952 at 2.45 p.m. by the R.W.Bro.Ben Marsh J.P. the Provincial Grand Master of Worcestershire assisted by W.Bro.Dr.D.L.Bunting P.G.D Dep.P.G.M.

Officers taking part in the Consecration Ceremony were as follows:-

W.Bro.J.E.Talbot Prov.S.G.W.                                                                          S.W.               

W.Bro.G.B.Barradell Prov.J.G.W.                                                                      J.W.

Bro.Canon R.B.Jolley M.A.R.D. Prov.G.Chaplain                                                 Chaplain

W.Bro. H.V.Staunton P.G.D. Prov.G.Secretary                                                   Secretary

W.Bro.H.E.Hearne P.A.D.C. Prov.G.D.C.                                                           D.C.

W.Bro.J.A.Naylor Prov.S.G.D.                                                                          S.D.

W.Bro.J.Wyse Prov. J.G.D.                                                                              J.D

W.Bro.H.G.Michie Prov.Dep.G.D.C.                                                                  Asst.D.C.

W.Bro.B.F.Manning Prov.G.Organist                                                                Organist

W.Bro. A.F.Taylor Prov.G.Purs.                                                                       Inner Guard

W.Bro.H.Lewis.P.P.G.D P.M.5035                                                                    Master Designate

W.Bro. A.C..Hodson P.P.G.D. P.M.5035                                                           S.W.  Designate

W.Bro.C.H.Hills P.M.5035                                                                              J.W. Designate

Lodge Business

The Installation of the Master Designate by the RW Provincial Grand Master.

To elect a Treasurer.

To elect a Charity Steward.

To elect Representatives on the Provincial Charity Organisation , Library and Museum Committees.

To elect the Tyler.

The W.M will invest the Officers and invest the Treasurer and Tyler.

To adopt the by-laws of the Lodge.

To receive Propositions.

To collect Alms.

RW Provincial Grandmaster and his Officers will retire from the Lodge.

To Close the Lodge.