The Lodge Banner

The Lodge Banner

The Lodge is named after a well known landmark, Weatheroak Hill. An oak tree is the predominant feature of the Banner of our Mother Lodge, Francis Davies, so it was decided that an oak tree would feature in the design of the Weatheroak Banner.

Archie Guide and Jack Copeland were joint owners of a firm in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham and were renowned for their knowledge of heraldry and made several suggestions. The Banner of the Lodge is a simple design but is full of meaning. An oak tree figures prominently set in the fields of Worcestershire, with wavy blue lines to represent the wind and sea. The four colours, red, green, blue and gold are designed to signify the four seasons and the word weather. The Latin words “Fac. at Spera” when translated mean “Do and Hope”.

The original Banner was dedicated 15th February 1955 by W.Bro. Dr. D. L.Bunting PGD, Deputy P.G.M. in Charge, P.G.M. Designate, this was also the night that W.Bro. Reg Stevens was initated into the Lodge.

This Banner design also forms the Lodge Crest found on our Summons and the design for the Founders and Past Masters Jewels.   

It was decided to replace our Banner with a new one, this was dedicated at our 300th Regular Meeting, 19th September 1995 by the V.W.Bro. Robert E. Whitlock P.G.Swd.B. the Deputy Provincial  Grand Master ably assisted by the Provincial Team.

The Banner was then passed into the safe keeping of  W.Bro. B. F. Phillips  the Worshipful Master who then went on to install Bro. P. O’Shaughnessy into the Master's Chair.

The Banner was also dedicated to W.Bro. W. Roos who was Treasurer of the Lodge for many years.


  • Top: Old Lodge Banner.
  • Bottom: 1995 W.Bro.Peter O'Shaughnessy with the new Lodge Banner.
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