50th Year certificates

50 Years in Masonry W.Bro Reginald  Stephens P.P.S.G.W.  15th February 2005

 Author W.Bro. Peter O'Shaughnessy May 2012

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Sadly Reg passed to the Grand Lodge above 23rd October 2016 just two weeks short of his 97th Birthday. Several Members and their Ladies attended his funeral 3rd November 2016 at Sutton Coldfield Cremotarium.

On being demobbed from the Army in 1948 Reg started work at Kings Heath Engineering Company where he met W.Bro. Fred Shelley who was a member of Francis Davis Lodge N0.5035.

Reg and his wife Betty were invited to attend various Ladies Evening and other Masonic Social Evenings. Reg and Betty enjoyed the company and atmosphere at these events and with Betty’s blessing Reg decided that Masonry was for him.

At this point Reg approached Fred Shelley who suggested that rather than join Frances Davis he should wait and join a new Lodge that was being formed by members of Francis Davis and Masefield Lodges where promotion in this new Lodge would be rapid.

The new Lodge was to be called Weatheroak Lodge N0.7214. Reg was proposed by W.Bro. Fred Shelley and was initiated on the 15th February 1955, W.Bro. Charles Hill, P.Prov.G.W. was the Worshipful Master with W.Bro. Fred Shelley acting as Junior Deacon.

On that same evening the Lodge Banner was dedicated, this ceremony was carried out by W.Bro. Dr. D. L. Bunting Deputy Provincial Grand Master ably assisted by W.Bro. H. E. Clive Asst. Prov. Grand Master.

Reg was passed to the degree of a Fellowcraft Freemason 18th October 1955 and was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason 17th January 1956. It took twelve years for Reg to progress to the Master’s Chair after occupying every office before doing so. His first ceremony after being installed as Worshipful Master was to initiate, on the 17th October 1967, Ken Brindley, a colleague from work, who is still a subscribing member and a P.Prov.S.G.W.

Reg is known throughout the Province a very good ritualist and one of the few members of Weatheroak Lodge who has presented part of the First Degree Tracing Board and the extended version of the 2nd Degree Working Tools. He was also Preceptor of the Lodge for five years and is always keen to accept an acting office at Past Masters Night.

He has also been Director of Ceremonies at  Ladies Evenings where he was accompanied by his wife Betty, his daughter Rosemary and her husband Barry.

Provincial honours – 1972  Prov. A.G.Supt.Wks. – 1982 P.Prov.G.Reg – 1998 P.Prov.S.G.W.

Reg was also became an honorary member of Weatheroak Lodge in 2004.

Reg at 92 years of age is still a keen golfer being a member of Walmley Golf Club where he still plays regularly.

On 15th February 2005 the presentation a 50 year certificate for his services to Freemasonry was presented to W.Bro. Reginald Stephens exactly 50 years after he was initiated into Weatheroak Lodge 15 February 1955 by W.Bro. Colin V. Young P.S.G.D. Asst.P.G.M.

On this occasion it was the toast to Reg was given by W.Bro. Ken Brindley who Reg initiated into the Lodge in 1967.

Reg was made an Honorary Member of the Lodge 20th April 2004

 N.B.  It is with regret Mrs Betty Stephens passed away 22nd April 2012 just a few days after her 90th Birthday.


Over 50 years in Masonry W.Bro. Frederick Christopher Shelley PProv.G.W. PM.5035, 5544 & 7214

Author W.Bro. Peter O'Shaughnessy May 2012

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W.Bro. Fred Shelley a Founder member of Weatheroak Lodge was born in 1916 in Balsall Heath, Birmingham and started his education at the Upper Highgate Street Elementary School and finally gaining degrees in Production and Mechanical Engineering at Birmingham Technical College.

Fred served his apprenticeship at the Austin Motor Company and went on to become Chairman and Managing Director of the Kings Heath Engineering Group of Companies.

Fred has written a book entitled “A Grain of Sand” where he covers in great detail his life and accomplishments.

On 22nd January 1947 Fred was initiated into Francis Davies Lodge No.5035, passed 26th November 1947, raised 28th January 1948 and in 1960 was installed as Worshipful Master.

As a founder member of Weatheroak Lodge Fred was very much involved in the formation of the Lodge and gave a paper on the history and early days of the Lodge to the Brethren at our Regular Meeting 20th February 2007.

Fred became Master of Weatheroak Lodge in 1958,  and two years later he was in the chair of our Mother Lodge Francis Davies in 1960. He joined  Shenstonian Lodge No.5544. (Warks.)  12th February 1964 and was Master in 1973.

Fred retired and moved to Abergele, North Wales where he joined St. Trilo Lodge No.2659; however he still made the occasional trip to Weatheroak Lodge. On one of these rare visits arrangements were made for Fred, rather belatedly to be presented with a 50th year certificate for his services to Freemasonry.

The certificate was presented at the Installation Meeting of Bro. D. W. Sidaway by the R.W.Barrie J. Cooper J.P. on the evening of 13th September 1998.

Fred Christopher Shelley became an honorary member of Weatheroak Lodge 20th September 2005.

W.Bro. Fred Shelley now in his “Nineties” is living in a Residential Care Home and not able to attend Lodge, however the Almoner and several members of the Lodge regularly make contact to enquire as to his well being.

Born 1st January 1916, W.Bro. Fred passed away at the Leas Nursing Home, Alvechurch 26th September 2012.