Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit  W.Bro. Fred Fowler P.A.G.Swd.B., P.Prov. S.G.W. P.M. 2034,7214.

 Author W.Bro.Peter O'Shaughnessy May 2012

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W.Bro Fred Fowler

Ellard-Hanson Court
at rear of PGL Offices               

Fred Fowler became a Freemason 13th April 1950 when he was initiated into Masefield Lodge N0.2034, he was Master of the Lodge in 1962/63.

Appointed Prov. Senior Grand Deacon 1967 – Promoted to Past Prov. Junior Grand Warden 1979.

Promoted to Past. Prov. Senior Grand Warden 1985.

Received Grand Lodge Appointment Past  Asst. Grand Standard Bearer 1988.

Fred was presented with his 50th year certificate for his services to Freemasonry at the 885th Regular Meeting of Masefield Lodge No.2034 held on the 10th April 2000.

Fred became First Joining Member of Weatheroak Lodge 21st January 1953, paying subscriptions of 8 guineas plus a £5 Joining Fee. W. Bro. Fred Fowler was a preceptor of the Lodge of Instruction for many years and became Worshipful Master of the Lodge 1963/64.

One of Fred’s greatest achievements was when he was chair of the management committee for Ellard-Hanson Court, the Worcestershire Masonic Home.

One of the Province’s major assets is the Worcestershire Masonic Home at 94 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, which provides sheltered accommodation for elderly Worcestershire Freemasons and their dependents.

Comprising 14 spacious self-contained flats, the Home offers secure and comfortable living for those who have chosen to move to communal facilities. They include a garden, residents’ lounge, and guest flat and other facilities of a very high standard. The Warden resides on the premises and is responsible for the welfare and well-being of all who live there.

The late R.W.Bro. E. F. Hanson, the then Provincial Grand Master, conceived the idea of providing the Home in the mid-1980s. Worcestershire Freemasons responded generously to an appeal to raise funds for the purchase and conversion of the building. Grand Charity donated £250,000 from the Harry Ellard Fund which, together with a similar amount raised in the Province, enabled the project to be completed. The first residents were received in 1988.

The Home is part of the Worcestershire Masonic Charity Organisation and is run by a Board of Management, chaired by W.Bro. John Gorton PAGDC. The Board is responsible to the Trustees of WMCO.

The Home is completely self-sufficient financially and requires no funding from WMCO or any outside bodies. Over the years, the Board have carried out regular re-furbishment programmes to maintain the Home to the highest standards.

Fred was a driving force in setting up Weatheroak Chapter and he was acting Provincial Joshua in 1987. Fred a Grand Lodge Officer received the Certificate of Merit at the Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge, 23 June 2001 from R.W.Bro. Barrie Michael Cooper J.P. the Provincial Grand Master of Worcestershire for his services to Freemasonry.

Fred Fowler born 15th May 1915 Passed to the Grand Lodge Above 7th September 2009 aged 90.