Honorary Members

Honorary Members

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Ken Brindley


Ron Wilkinson

Weatheroak Lodge has two honorary members:

W.Bro. Ken Brindley P.Prov.S.G.W.

W.Bro. Ron Wilkinson  P.Prov.J.G.W.

 W. Bro. Ken Brindley Honorary Member of Weatheroak Lodge.

I have known Ken Brindley as I knew him then, for the best part of 45 years, initially as a friend of my father, as they both worked for Kings Heath Engineering Co. A company owned by W.Bro. Fred Shelley, a founder member of Weatheroak Lodge. In those early days we used to meet in the Packhorse Public house when I used to go for a drink with Dad and Brian. A couple of times usually in December Diane and I would sit with Ken’s two boys while Ken and his first wife Beryl went at for the night all dressed up, not knowing at the time but they were off to Ladies evenings.

During the 70’s after the demise of Kings Heath Engineering Ken started his own business as a Consultant Engineer and during this period I had more contact with him through business. In November 1982 Ken asked Brian and I if we would like to go to a Ladies Evening at the Masonic Hall in Kings Heath. Always on for a good night out we both went with Diane and Mavis. It was the first indication I had that Ken was a Mason. The following October I was initiated into Weatheroak Lodge and Brian in November

W.Bro. Ken Brindley the Mason.

 In 1966 working as Sales Director at Kings Heath Engineering, owned by W.Bro. Fred Shelley and with W. Bro.Reg Stephens as works director. Ken decided to join Weatheroak Lodge, after an interview in the office of W. Bro John Lewis, at the tender age of 33 he was accepted for initiation.

Proposed by W. Bro.Stephens and seconded by W.Bro.Shelley  who at the time was the Master of Weatheroak Ken was initiated by W.Bro.Stephens on the 17th of  October 1967. His initial reaction to joining was of surprise and he wondered what he had got into and tended not to get involved. One day someone said to him “the more you put into freemasonry the more you get out of it”; at first he was not sure but later found it to be true.

Having progressed through all the offices Ken was installed into the master’s chair in 1976.

In 1978 he became joint preceptor with W.Bro. Eric Gilbert of Francis Davies Lodge which at this time had a joint class between Francis Davies Lodge and Weatheroak.

In 1983 he formed Weatheroak Lodge, lodge of instruction to be held after the officers meeting so avoiding the need for another night out. He was joined by W.Bro.Fred Fowler in about 1986 at various times was assisted by W.Bro.Clatworthy and W.Bro.Alastair Page (still a preceptor) and myself. During this time the lodge held 2 festivals, and a new banner dedication. He retired as preceptor in 2006 having served for 21 years.

W. Bro.Ken received his first Provincial appointment to        PPJGD   in 1981

                                    And the following promotions             PPGR    in 1988

                                                                                                   PPJGW in 1994

                                                                                                  PPSGW in 2005

Following the passing of W.Bro.F Shelley, at our officers meeting in January (one of the few that W.Bro. Ken had missed) I suggested that we offer honorary membership to W Bro Ken. The meeting was in full agreement. At our March meeting W.Bro.Alan Morris Proposed and W.Bro. Alastair Page seconded the proposal, the meeting voted in favour and W Bro Ken was elected a Honorary Member of the Lodge in recognition of his 46 years of service to Weatheroak Lodge, for his help and guidance to all those brethren that have joined the lodge during those 46 years.

W.Bro. Ken We look forward to many more years of your company, your help and guidance.

From all the members of the Lodge our grateful thanks and congratulations on a well deserved honour

W.Bro. David Phillips W. Master

W.Bro. Ron Wilkinson P.Prov. J. G. W.

Ron was initiated into Weatheroak Lodge 23/04/1974 at  the age of 34, employed as an Insurance Agent for Pearl Assurance Ltd. He was proposed  by Bro. L.G. Sandland and seconded by W.Bro. F.H.Leach.  

He was passed to the Second Degree 23/10/74 and raised tto the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason 18/03/75 and progessed to W.M. September 1983.

 Ron has uniquely held every Office in the Lodge, the only member to do so but he will be best rembered for his 16 years as Lodge Almoner.

He has a flair for Masonic Ritual and was always involved assisting the Worshipful Master at Initiation Ceremonies and took an active rolle on Past Masters Night. Ron also enjoyed explaining the Chain at the Festive Board at the celebration of a new Initiate.

Ron is a  great character and relishes in teling jokes during our meal, some jokes we may have heard before which are always better second time around.

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