The Role of The Lodge Almoner

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W.Bro. Martyn Davies Almoner

Lodge Almoner

I was appointed Almoner of Weatheroak Lodge in September 2011, and at the time I did not realise what an important, enjoyable, and rewarding office it can be, but also at times a sad one.

What is a Lodge Almoner you might ask?   Well in general the role of the Almoner (also called the Caring Officer in some Lodges), is to be responsible for the well-being of the Lodge members and their families.  He keeps in contact with the members who are unwell, and maintains a discreet presence in the lives of the widows of former members, so that the Lodge may readily assist them should they find themselves in any particular need. Sending letters of Sympathy and Condolence and maintaining contact with families of recently deceased Brethren, and to offer them sympathetic support at this most difficult time. To represent the Lodge at funerals, notifying the Brethren of the Lodge at each meeting of members who are unwell while preserving due confidentially,

Of necessity the Almoner must be well versed in local and national Masonic charities and the scope of the charitable work, so as to offer advice to those who might qualify for such assistance, which are wide ranging. There are many Masonic charitable organisations, the main ones being the “Freemasons’ Grand Charity”   which was established over 300 years ago and supports such things medical research and the rescue services such as the air ambulance. The “Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution” was founded over 160 years ago having 17 Care Homes across the country caring for older Masons and their dependents.

“Freemasonry Cares”, and the “Masonic Samaritan Fund”, this charity has alone has given over £51 million in grants in the 21 years it has been established.  Both these charitable organisations  help people who have a Masonic connection and will make grants available for such things as help towards funeral costs, financial hardship due to redundancy, health care, mobility equipment , home adaption’s, home nursing, residential and dementia care, respite care and support for children with talents in music, sport or performing arts, and for many other reasons. The “Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys” aims to relieve poverty, and provide advancement in education for children and young people.

In general the Almoner’s work embraces the very essence of Freemasonry

Author W. Bro. Martyn Davies  – Almoner – Weatheroak Lodge

Further information on the Masonic Charities mentioned above can be found using the Links on this website to United Grand Lodge of England and The Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire.

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