Diamond Jubilee


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                                     W.Bro. Don Sidaway

Weatheroak Lodge celebrated its 60th Diamond Jubilee Meeting on Pastmaster's Night which was well attended with 19 visiting Brethren and 26 Lodge Members.

The V.W.Bro.Robert Christopher Vaughan, P.G.Swd.B. the Deputy Prov. Grand Master of Worcestershire and Prov. Grand Master (Designate) was in attendance accompanied by W.Bro. D. Aston Asst. Prov. AGDC.

For me this was a night not to be missed although I had my left hip replaced only three weeks ago, with W.Bro. Ken Hazeldene acting as my chauffeur and carer I was able to have a most enjoyable evening.

It was Past Master's Night and the youngest brother in the Lodge, twenty year old Nathan Grahm was raised to the third degree. The standard of work was excellent and the Master's work was shared by W.Bro. G. Swann and W.Bro.B.F. Phillips. W.Bro. P.F. Wilkes presented the working tools.

To everyone's surprise the V.W.Bro. R.C.Vaughan requested that the Lodge Secretary W.Bro. A. J. Morris be upstanding and annouced that under the orders of the Prov. Grand Master R.W. Bro. R.H.Goddard that it was his privilege to promote W.Bro. A.J.Morris ro Past Prov. Grand Superintendant of Works in recognition of his commitment and dedication to Freemasonry. Alan Morris was amazed and also thrilled to accept his promotion and the following day he ordered his new regalia; however he was informed that would take three weeks before it would be despatched. This caused a slight problem to Alan as he will be visiting our Mother Lodge Francis Davies next Wednesday. W.Bro. Alan is now the same rank as myself and I am more than happy to to let him borrow my regalia.

As a small momento of this memorable evening members and visitors were presented with a Weatheroak Lodge key ring designed by myself and assembled by the Worshipful Master David Phillips.

The WM W.Bro. David Phillips took wine with W.Bro. Don Sidaway to celebrate his 25 years in Freemasonry. Don received a glass wine goblet engraved with the Lodge Crest, W.Bro. Don gave an emotional reponse to the toast and said he would treasure this wonderful gift. 

It was also a good night with regard to propositions, W.Bro. Ken Hazeldene a Past Master of Lodge of Fraternity No. 4032 was proposed as a joining member by W.Bro. P. O'Shaughnessy and seconded by W.Bro. D. J. Phillips.

Mr Alan Smith was proposed as a candidate for initiation by W.Bro. Glynn Egginton and seconded by W.Bro. Dean Brough.

W.Bro. A.J. Morris proposed that W.Bro. Ken Brindley should be made an honorary member of the Lodge, this was seconded b by W.Bro. A.W.J.Page.

W.Bro. R.H. Golden the Lodge Almoner presented a cheque for £50 to the V.W.Bro. R.C.Vaughan the Deputy Prov. Grand Master as Weatheroak's small contribution to the retirement gift for R.W.Bro. R.H.Goddard M.A.

The Diamond Jubilee Meeting turned out to be a real family affair for the Brothers Graham. Young Nathan Graham was raised to the 3rd degree; his proud Dad Michael proposed the toast to the visitors and his uncle W.Bro. John Graham of Steadfast Lodge No 5960 in the Province of Cheshire responded to this toast. W.Bro. John has attended Weatheroak to see all of his nephews three ceremonies. He also remarked that it was unfortunate that the planned visit by the Brethren of Weatheroak to his Lodge in January was cancelled due to inclement weather but looked forward to a future visit being arranged.

Yes another great Weatheroak Lodge Meeting and another page on the Lodge history.

W.Bro. Peter O'Shaughnessy Lodge Treasurer and Website Administrator.

24th February 2013